Constantly cobbling together and tweaking messaging for content? 

It’s time to tame your messaging chaos.

GrokSpark Messaging & Positioning Hub for Overstretched B2B Product Marketers

GrokSpark helps you efficiently create and manage your messaging and copy for as many customer segments and use cases as you need so you can consistently say the right things to the right people at the right time.

PMMs Got 99 Problems

But being time-rich ain’t one

“We don’t have nearly enough time or people on our team to do all the things I know product marketing should do.”

– Maybe you?


Product marketing at our company gets treated like a content and collateral factory instead of the strategic function it should be.”

– Maybe also you

“Even if I had time to build out content for every use case, persona, and industry I get asked about, there’s no friggin’ way I’d have the time to keep it all up-to-date.”

– Us before GrokSpark

*Actually, these are real quotes from B2B product marketers we interviewed

But GrokSpark is built to give PMMs their time back

So you can actually spend time focusing on customers, strategy, and stuff

Build Content Faster with Modular Messages

Build or update content quickly from filtered messaging Docs. Get the right set of messaging copy for all your content needs.

Keep your messaging in one system… not a bunch of janky docs

Manage all messaging copy for your products, company, personas, solutions, etc. in one location instead of maintaining in several sources.

Control the collaboration free-for-all

Control the process of messaging copy creation, reviews, and edits with role-based permissions, drafts, history, comments and notifications.

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