Messaging & Positioning Automation


Keep Your Marketing & Sales Content & Communications Up to Date & on Message

Why B2B Product Marketers Need Messaging & Positioning Automation

Messaging and positioning are at the core of what Product Marketers do.

But getting the right messages into the right content and keeping it all up to date is a huge pain, not to mention keeping everyone else on message.

PMMs have a lot of pain around Messaging & Positioning


Content with old and inconsistent messaging is everywhere

Keeping people aligned and consistent in their use of quality messaging is a constant uphill battle

Agile development makes it hard to update content and messaging as quickly as the product

What are the root causes of all this pain?

No simple "single source of truth" for managing the right messaging for everyone in the organization

Identifying every piece of content that needs to be updated when there's a change in the product or messaging is a manual process

Lengthy and redundant review and edit processes have you reviewing the same messages for each piece of content

No multi-dimensional view to quickly show the filtered messages needed for each specific task/use case

How can PMMs address these root causes?

Messaging & Positioning Automation

GrokSpark Messaging & Positioning Automation helps keep your marketing and sales content and communications up to date and on message by giving Product Marketers and their teams the power to search, see and update messaging for products, features, solutions, personas and more.

Single Source of Truth

A single location for you and your teams to create and see all the marketing and sales messages about products, features, benefits, solutions and personas complete with links to all related content.

Content Message Tracking

Instantly see what the downstream impact is from changes to your messaging.

Get notified of all pieces of content that may need to be updated due to changes made to related marketing messages.

Agile Collaboration

Workflows, notifications and release tagging drives upcoming product launch information through the messaging creation and update process.

From Product Management to Product Marketing to executive reviews, GrokSpark accelerates collaboration and ensures transparency at every step.

Automated Enablement

Quickly generate views of all changes to marketing messages for internal audiences.

Easy contextual search and navigation means your colleagues can find the right messages, content and persona information to get their questions answered on their own.


We’re looking for companies who want to drive message consistency and create content more efficiently to join the GrokSpark Messaging & Positioning Automation beta program.