GrokSpark Messaging & Positioning Hub

Empowers B2B product marketers to easily build and maintain targeted and consistent messaging in a single source of truth so you can increase conversion rates at every stage with more impactful content and communications.

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PMMs Got 99 Problems

But being time-rich ain’t one

Managing Targeted Messaging

Creating targeted messaging for multiple segments and personas is hard enough, but maintaining it is a nightmare.

You have numerous versions of the same messages in multiple places (persona decks, industry briefs, etc.) that rarely get updated when you update the core messaging.


Responding to Constant Requests

You probably get a lot of, “What do I say about __ in this email?” or “What’s our booth pitch at this industry tradeshow?”

And you might have good messaging docs for some asks, but more often than not, you spend a bunch of time cobbling together bullets for each request.


Keeping Content Consistent

You get changes to messaging for product updates, shifting markets, or maybe that CXO who loves to change a tagline here or there.

But you have those messages repeated in a ton of assets that need to get updated, and it feels impossible to keep it all consistent all the time.

That’s Why GrokSpark Gives You PMM Super Powers

And they’re not as lame as this header ☝ makes them sound!

Manage all messaging for your products, company, personas, solutions, etc. in one flexible database instead of having to maintain a collection of docs, spreadsheets, slides, and wiki pages that often share common messages but can get quickly out of sync when there are changes.

Build a messaging report of the features and benefits that address the challenges of a persona with a specific use case in seconds instead of scraping them from 4 different docs.

Or give your teams direct access to run filtered messaging reports (even when you’re OOTO).

Create a new content asset quickly from a filtered messaging report, or use that report as part of a brief for a content writer.

As your messaging evolves, the report dynamically includes any new or updated messages that match the filters to help easily identify what to change.

And Here’s Some Stuff You Can Do With Your Powers

Because building out a bunch of messaging is a waste of time if you can’t get people to use it

Probably the most obvious use case for messaging reports is to produce product content. Webpages, datasheets, you name it. You can build out messaging reports that either provide the source messaging to be used in an asset or use the messaging directly from the report.

Demand Gen needs messaging from Product Marketing for everything from email campaigns to chat bot scripts. So instead of cobbling together bullets from slides, docs, and wikis to give them what they need. You (or they) can run filtered messaging reports that’ll give them targeted messaging that’s consistent with the rest of your messaging, so their campaigns will actually convert better.

Even if you have a sales enablement tool that tells sales what they should send in each situation, there always seems to be something else they need. And you don’t have time to create content for every possible permutation of personas, challenges, competitors, industries. But with GrokSpark, you can provide messaging reports that’ll give them what they need.

So What’s the Impact for B2B Teams?

This is the stuff you tell your boss to get some of that sweet, sweet budget


Time Savings

For Product Marketers

By having all your messaging related and doing approvals at the message level, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to create and update product content from days to hours (~82% estimated reduction).

So you can spend more time making sure that messaging really resonates.

Better Customer Experiences

For Prospects and Customers

Consistent messaging makes it easier for a person to remember it. Targeted messaging makes it easier for them to get what’s in it for them.

Both make for a better experience, but together, you get a frictionless flywheel that’s delightful to customers and new prospects alike.

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Intent
  • Evaluation
Higher Conversion Rates

For Marketing and Sales

Putting messaging that’s both consistent and targeted for any situation at the fingertips of your marketing and sales teams means you’ll have people “getting it” faster AND remembering it.

That means higher conversion rates at every stage and accelerated sales cycles.

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