Messaging Enablement Platform
for Product Marketers

Enable your teams with the right set of messaging for any situation in seconds

No one’s going to rummage through your wiki, slides, and playbooks to cobble together the right subset of messaging to craft that perfectly personalized content for:
👩‍💼 Persona A
🔧 Use Case C
💥 Pain Points X, Y, Z

And you don’t want them using GPT to just make stuff up.

Sales, marketing, and content teams find the right messaging and generate AI content for each situation in seconds when their PMMs and enablement teams use GrokSpark.

Built for B2B product marketers and enablement teams


For Product Marketers

It’s a hub for all of the pieces of your positioning and messaging.

The snippets of copy for each persona, use case, pain point, benefit, feature. All mapped and prioritized. With no duplicates to maintain.

It’s where you create filterable messaging docs and AI content templates for common situations and share with other teams, then embed in their tools. All dynamically updated from your hub.

For Marketing (Content, Demand Gen, Growth, Field)

It’s a restaurant where you can order messaging and AI content off the menu from pre-built docs and templates.

Or a build-your-own burrito situation where you’re picking out what kinds of messages and filters you want.

Then have GPT use that messaging to create your next email drip campaign or targeted landing page.


For Sales (AEs, SDRs/BDRs, Partners, Enablement)

It’s messaging docs and AI content templates in your CRM or sales enablement tool or portal with what you need to say/send in any situation.

Want the best messaging for Persona A with Pain Points X, Y, Z for a call in 10 minutes? No problem. Want a personalized 3-email prospecting sequence? It’s seconds away.

And you never have to ask, “Is this the latest?” Latest and greatest, every single time.

“Each group that uses GrokSpark is now able to quickly find the specific messaging needed for each situation.

‘It’s a game changer.’

I’ve heard this same phrase from our marketers, sellers and even partners.

Stephanie Perozo | Sr. Product Marketing Manager