Reinventing the messaging wheel for every one-pager?campaign?landing page?slide deck?battle card?call script?

With GrokSpark, you just look it up.

Messaging & Positioning Hub

B2B product marketers cut hours of rework, red lines, and repetitive questions when they use GrokSpark to map out their messaging.

PMMs Got 99 Problems

But being time-rich ain’t one

You probably get a lot of, “What do I say about __ in this email?” or “What’s our booth pitch at this industry tradeshow?”

And you might have good messaging docs for some asks, but more often than not, you spend a bunch of time cobbling together bullets for each request.


You get changes to messaging for product updates, shifting markets, or maybe that CXO who loves to change a tagline here or there.

But you have those messages repeated in a ton of assets that need to get updated, and it feels impossible to keep it all consistent all the time.

Creating targeted messaging for multiple segments and personas is hard enough, but maintaining it is a nightmare.

You have lots of versions of the same messages in multiple places (persona decks, industry briefs, etc.) that rarely get updated when you update the core messaging.

“Each group that uses GrokSpark is now able to quickly find the specific messaging needed for each situation.

‘It’s a game changer.’

I’ve heard this same phrase from our marketers, sellers and even partners.

Stephanie Perozo | Sr. Product Marketing Manager

GrokSpark is built to give PMMs their time (and sanity) back

So you can spend time focusing on customers, strategy, and important stuff

Keep your messaging in one system… not a bunch of janky docs

Manage all messaging and copy for your products, company, personas, solutions, etc. in one location instead of a bunch of different files.

Build Content Faster from Modular Messages

Build or update content quickly from filtered messaging docs filled with the right copy blocks for the job at hand.

Add New Segments Without the Fear of “One More Thing to Update”

Efficiently create sets of  messages tailored to each target audience and easily maintain them knowing they will remain in sync.