GrokSpark for Product Marketing

You control the messaging.

The teams you support get the right messages and content in every situation.

It’s a hub for all of the pieces of your positioning and messaging.

The snippets of copy for each persona, use case, pain point, benefit, feature. All mapped and prioritized. With no duplicates to maintain.

You create filterable messaging docs and AI content templates for common situations and share with other teams, then embed in their tools. All dynamically updated from your hub.

Simplify messaging management

Manage all your messaging in one flexible system. Prioritize and map messaging for your products, personas, solutions, and more to avoid duplicates and stay organized. Ensure consistent and up-to-date messaging for your company, saving you time and effort.

Modular Messaging Framework

Pre-built message types, fully customizable and expandable, plus tools like word/char limits, instructions & examples to ensure consistency.

Message Maps

Map products, features, benefits, challenges, personas etc. to eliminate dups and prioritize to enable contextually relevant messaging Docs.

Message Versioning

Tracks all changes made to messages (draft and published) with what changed, who changed it, and when. Old versions can be restored.

Create on-message content in seconds

Create new on-message content in seconds from a filtered messaging doc and AI to create usable text for any situation. AI text generation based on messaging docs means you can trust that all your content is on-message and consistent with the latest published messaging in hub.

Live Filtering

Easily filter messaging docs on the fly. Doc owners can set filter types and viewers can adjust them to get the specific messaging they need.

AI Templates

Provides a customizable library of common content options. Each template includes the prompt and associated messaging doc.

Content Generator

Generates AI content from messaging doc messages and user inputs for content description, example, tone, and reading level.

Get everyone on the same page

Share the right messaging to your internal and external users. Content Marketing, Demand Gen, MarCom, Customer Marketing, Field Marketing, Digital, Sales, and Partners will all be on the same page with messaging that is automatically updated with what you publish in the hub.

Shared and Embedded Docs

Share GrokSpark messaging docs and collections or embed them into CRMs, sales enablement tools, wikis and more.

Doc Collections

Group your GrokSpark Docs into different collections for various purposes. You can organize by category, teams, types of content, etc.

Live Filtering

Easily filter messaging docs on the fly. Doc owners can set filter types and viewers can adjust them to get the specific messaging they need.

“It’s a Product Marketer’s dream to be able to manage personas, value pillars, solutions, and case studies all in one database.

I can quickly pull up a cheat sheet for our team or Sales on the key points to discuss when chatting with a Digital Leader from the Financial industry who’s interested in speeding up his team’s go-to-market process.”

Paul Biggs | Director of Product Marketing EMEA