GrokSpark Pricing

The Decoy Option

For the Commitment-phobes


per Contributor per month


per Viewer per month
 Subscription Details:
  • Pay monthly, cancel at any time
  • At least 1 Contributor required
The Option We Want You To Pick!

For the Vast Majority 

per Contributor per year

per Viewer per year
Subscription Details:
  • Pay annually, get two months free (compared to the monthly price)
  • 1 day of setup services included
  • At least 1 Contributor required
The Option No One Buys

For Enterprises with Too Many Divisions

Contact Us

for multiple instances

paid annually

Subscription Details:
  • Pay per instance instead of per Author
  • Multiple instances to keep messaging separate for company divisions
  • Unlimited # of users – all roles included

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a 'Contributor' in GrokSpark?

For the purpose of licensing, Contributors are users who can create, own, and edit messaging in GrokSpark.

This includes Contributors, Authors, Editors, and Administrators.


What's a 'Viewer' in GrokSpark?

Viewers are users who can see published messages, create filtered messaging docs, and see docs others have created. But they can’t own, create, or collaborate on messaging.

Viewers might be sales reps, content marketers, demand generation, marketing communications, or really anyone in your organization who needs to use your messaging and positioning.


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