Messaging Maintenance Subscription

No time to learn a new tool? We got you.

You get a dedicated success manager to help you maintain your messaging on an ongoing basis so you can work on more important things.

Quickly get messaging changes published and rolled out to internal teams

Ad hoc changes come with the territory. Get them pushed out through all affected messaging docs as soon as they happen.

Erradicate old and retired messaging in your content

Instead of painful content audits, GrokSpark can crawl your content and flag the precise locations where you have old or retired messages.

Receive new messaging docs to support new campaigns and target audiences

Need messaging for a new campaign? Or need to add a new audience and create messaging docs for them? Just tell your success manager and we’ll get it done.

Get unlimited training for new team members

Add a new team member and want them to get up to speed? We’ll do 1:1 or group trainings to ensure all users get the most from your messaging.

Here’s how it works

You send us your messaging updates and to-be-published date
We publish your updates directly in your hub and across all relevant messaging docs
You get monthly reporting on old and retired messaging found in your content
We hold monthly check-ins to collect messaging updates, doc requests and campaign or segmentation updates