GrokSpark Messaging Enablement Platform


Easily create, manage and control the messaging and positioning for as many products, segments and use cases as you want. The teams you support use filters (audience, pain points, use cases, whatever) to quickly get the specific messaging they need for each situation. Or turn that into contextually relevant, on-message content that directly pulls the latest and greatest messaging so everyone in the organization can consistently communicate the right things to the right people at the right time.

Built for B2B product marketers and enablement teams


For Product Marketers

It’s a hub for all of the pieces of your positioning and messaging. The snippets of copy for each persona, use case, pain point, benefit, feature. All mapped and prioritized. With no duplicates to maintain. It’s where you create filterable messaging docs and AI content templates for common situations and share with other teams, then embed in their tools. All dynamically updated from your hub.

For Marketing (Content, Demand Gen, Growth, Field)

It’s a restaurant where you can order messaging and AI content off the menu from pre-built docs and templates.

Or a build-your-own burrito situation where you’re picking out what kinds of messages and filters you want.

Then have GPT use that messaging to create your next email drip campaign or targeted landing page.


For Sales (AEs, SDRs/BDRs, Partners, Enablement)

It’s messaging docs and AI content templates in your CRM or sales enablement tool or portal with what you need to say/send in any situation.

Want the best messaging for Persona A with Pain Points X, Y, Z for a call in 10 minutes? No problem. Want a personalized 3-email prospecting sequence? It’s seconds away.

And you never have to ask, “Is this the latest?” Latest and greatest, every single time.

Messaging Hub

Houses all of the messaging, copy blocks, positioning and metadata about your company, products, benefits, personas, etc. (kind of like a CRM for your messaging).

Contains all of the info that you would typically have in a messaging doc, positioning doc, buyer persona, etc.

Modular Messaging Framework

Pre-built message types including products, benefits, features, personas, challenges, use cases, etc. are fully customizable so you can fit the framework you have today and expand to scale with your organization as you grow.

Helper tools ensure message format consistency.

Message Maps

Creates the links between products, features, benefits, challenges, personas, etc. Relating messages eliminates duplicates and ranking them enables you to create Docs with the best messaging that’s contextually relevant. Auto-relations rules makes relating messages easy.

Message Versioning

Draft new messages to be reviewed before publishing. Keeps track of all changes made to messages with what changed, who changed it, and when.

Additions and deletions are all highlighted on each version for easy comparison, and previous versions can be restored instantly.

AI Commands

AI Commands suggest messaging improvements. Users simply type a command to get suggestions. Commands such as summarizing or expanding messages.

Messaging Collaboration

Each message has its own comment feed so Authors and Reviewers can collaborate on new and updated messaging and copy. Message Owners get notified of any comments on their messages as well as any users who get @mentioned in a comment.

Messaging Docs

Pulls together the latest messaging and copy blocks for whatever you’re doing.

You pick what you want to see (ex. products, features, benefits, challenges) and what you want to filter by (ex. personas, industries, use cases), and you get a messaging doc that’s always up-to-date.

Live Filtering

Lets you quickly and easily adjust messaging doc filters on the fly. Doc owners can set the filters and all viewers can adjust them to get the specific messaging they need. Each user can adjust filters independently without impacting the original saved filters.

Shared and Embedded Docs

View-only version of a GrokSpark messaging doc with a link for sharing or iframe code you can embed in anything that accepts html (wikis, sales enablement tools, CRMs, etc.). Anyone with access to the link or embedded location can view the full doc without needing a login.

Doc Collections

Group messaging docs into embeddable locations for different uses, categories, teams or types. For example, you may want to have all your content brief Docs in one collection, your Docs for BDRs to use in another collection and perhaps a separate collection for AI Content creation.

AI Content

Generates text for on-message content quickly and easily.

Just choose the messaging doc, provide a brief description of what you need, and get AI-generated text for content in seconds.

And it’s actually your messaging (not hallucinated by GPT).

AI Templates

Provides a customizable library of common content options. Each template includes the prompt and associated messaging doc for users to customize or directly generate AI content from.

Content Generator

Generates AI content from messaging doc messages and user inputs for content description, example, tone, and reading level.

Messaging Finder

Select locations to crawl and see flags for old, retired, or jargon-filled messages.

See side-by-side text comparisons to help you decide what action to take.

View counts of flags and links to matches in content for each message.

Crawling and Matching

Crawls defined web locations and automatically creates an index with full-text versions of your content in GrokSpark called Content Listings. It then automatically matches indexed content to messages in the hub.

Retired Message Finder

Shows flags for old, retired, or jargon-filled messages in your crawled content. See where each message exists in your crawled content including both the URL as well as where it exists in each Content Listing.