Modular Messaging Transformation

We make your messaging more targeted and easier to update

We will transform your existing messaging into modular messaging. We’ll set up your messaging hub and help rollout messaging to all your internal audiences so they can market and sell better — consistently.

You get a messaging hub that scales with you

This isn’t one of those messaging projects where you’re left with a pdf or some slides that get tossed out in 6 months when your products and the market change. You get the GrokSpark Messaging Platform that’s fast to update and automated messaging docs for enablement that are always in sync.

Easily create and maintain messaging segmentations

Just add the audience name, relate the pain points and automatically get the products, features, benefits, testimonials they’ll care about.

Quickly scale targeted campaigns at high volume

Need to run a campaign for a specific use case and persona against a particular competitor? No problem. Easily pull the right pain points, key differentiators and proof-points.

Enable teams with quick access to specific messaging for each task

Filterable messaging docs embedded where your colleagues work means they always a seconds away from having the best, up-to-date messaging for every situation.

Irradicate old and retired messaging in your content

Instead of painful content audits, GrokSpark can crawl your content and flag the precise locations where you have old or retired messages.

Improve consistency and quality across people and content

Everyone gets filterable messaging docs that are automatically updated from the hub. They can create new AI content directly from that messaging and see where existing content has the old stuff.

Easily manage and maintain messaging in a custom messaging platform

Draft and collaborate on messaging. See who changed what and when. Publish when ready and teams all get the new messaging in their docs automatically.

Here’s how it works

We’ll kick things off with a call to scope it out and come up with the best plan for you, but the typical process for Modular Messaging Transformation goes like this:

You send us your messaging (sheets, docs, slides etc.)

We draft modular messaging framework, you review/comment, we finalize

We generate a custom modular messaging hub with modular messaging

We create key messaging docs automatically updated from the hub

We set up the messaging finder for flagging old and retired messaging in your content

We train you on using the GrokSpark Messaging Platform

You review messaging to finalize and rollout