About GrokSpark


to have an extensive understanding of something


the trigger or stimulus of an event


the trigger to your prospects gaining an extensive understanding of your products and their value

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help teams ensure consistency and authenticity in their marketing across all content, communications, and interactions so the value is clear and customers feel good about doing business with them.

How We Work

Put people first

We put people before numbers. We believe long term success requires consistent effort, motivation, and drive that comes from a happy and engaging work environment, not one that relies on carrots and whips to get things done.

Help, don't push

We believe that marketing and selling are about helping people to make informed purchasing decisions, not pushing people towards buying products and services whether or not they actually need them.

Celebrate, don't brag

We celebrate all wins (even the little ones), but we don’t brag. We don’t think anyone cares to hear us talk about how great we are.

Practice empathy

We try our hardest to always consider the experiences of everyone who interacts with us. It doesn’t always come naturally, so we know we have to practice.

Share openly and honestly

We strive to be open, direct, and honest in all of our communications. We share our knowledge liberally, and we openly admit when we don’t know something.

Make no-ego decisions

We debate ideas (not opinions), then the best idea wins (no matter whose it is). Everyone has a voice even if they don’t make the final decision.

Take ownership

We own our vision, our customers’ problems, our solutions, our projects, our decisions. We don’t do something unless we feel proud putting our name on it.

Don't reinvent the wheel

We first look at the existing solutions to a problem. Then, if those all suck, we build something better.

Improve constantly

We know everything we build is a work in progress (including ourselves). We build, we make mistakes, we learn, and we get better, constantly.

Be fuel-efficient

We think of money as fuel for our mission (not as the mission itself), so we try to be reasonably fuel-efficient to help us build our vision.