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Product Marketing Messaging Operations Report

Jonathan Bracken
Nov 8, 2023

Below is a summary of our findings from a series of interviews we conducted with Product Marketers about their messaging. The interviews were conducted over a 6 month period with dozens of Product Marketing Managers, Directors and VPs from software companies ranging in size from 5 to 3500 employees (903 average).

Overall, Product Marketers view their messaging status as “not very good” (C+ average).

Most say their messaging itself is good, but many companies struggle with the operations of creating, maintaining and sharing messaging across the organization. The result is a lack of consistency in messaging usage across people and content.

Simple Messaging Framework Table
The average reported grade for companies that have not centralized their messaging with a messaging hub is “C-”.

While some attempts have been made to centralize core messaging at the “non-hub” companies, in these companies the details of products, benefits, use cases and audiences are typically spread across multiple docs and/or locations.

Simple Messaging Framework Table
Simple Messaging Framework Table
37% of respondents have implemented or are in the process of implementing a messaging hub to centralize the creation, maintenance and sharing of their messaging.

The average reported grade for companies that use a messaging hub report an “A-” average messaging grade.

Simple Messaging Framework Table

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