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Profile and Logout

In the top right corner of the GrokSpark GTM Messaging Hub you can click on your username and you’ll see the option to view and edit your profile or to logout. This will be here no matter where you are in the hub.

Profile and Logout

Left Side Nav

The bulk of the remaining navigation is located in the left side navigation menu.

Left Side Navigation


When you first log in, you’ll see a dashboard with stats on messages, relations, and docs.
Dashboards Menu

Messaging Guides

Messaging Guides is where most people will go to see the messaging they need in a filtered way.

Messaging Docs

Messaging Hub

The Messaging Hub is where you will store and maintain all of your messaging. It will have all your messaging about your Company, Products, Features, Benefits, etc.
Messaging Hub Menu


This is the section where (depending on your role) you will be able to access the setup for your Messaging Framework.

You can create and edit Guide Styling.

You can access User Management to invite and terminate users and edit their roles in the system.

Lastly, you can perform instance management for your hub.

Messaging Hub Menu


The help section has links to the Knowledge Base and Support request form for questions, issue identification, and feature requests.
Help Menu